It really does go that fast

Dec 18, 2019


I always feel nostalgic around my children’s birthdays.
The last 4 days I’ve done a lot of writing. “It”comes out in all different ways 💕 If you stay to read, I sincerely thank you for allowing me to share part of me with you💕
3 Kids 3 and Under

Sometimes I wonder how I did it
OK, a lot of times I wonder how I did it
The days seemed so long but the years went by so fast.

My father told me they would.

How did 29 years of memories become little snippets of individual frames?

Like the anticipation of a long awaited vacation that’s over just as you begin to relax.The years flew by.

Just like a high speed train that zooms by like a blur. You know, quick as a flash, your head can barely keep up with the image.


Here I am, waiting on the platform with three kids in tow.

We stand hand in hand.

“Stay close to me,” I say

“Here it comes, here it comes,” they yell out in unison.

Stepping onto the train we squish together feeling lucky to find a seat.

Then, WHOOSH, in a blink of an eye the Conductor bellows, “Next Stop!!! Next Stop!!!
Arriving, Adulthood”.

“That’s us mom. That’s our stop.”

The doors open and we all step out onto the platform.

To the right of me stand two strong, intelligent women.
To the left, a handsome man towering over my 5’9” frame.

“Mom, we have to go,” my Manboy says.

“But it’s too soon,” I say,“It’s too soon. It went too fast. Don’t you see? I’m not done yet.”

My oldest Womangirl chimes in, “you knew this day would come, mom. You did do it, don’t you see?”

“But it went too fast. I didn’t expect that. I didn’t expect I wouldn’t remember every I love you, every scraped knee, every birthday, and every ‘mom, I need you’ yelled from the top of the stairs.”

“Mom, we’ll always need you,” says the long blonde haired Womangirl as she reaches for my hand.

“Okay, Okay,” I say biting the inside of my lip to hold back the tears. “Bundle up. Now scoot along. You don’t want to be late. You have so much to offer. The WORLD is waiting.”

Faintly off in the distance I hear the call, “All Aboard”.

I blow another kiss, give a little wave, and turn to see the train doors started to close.

I make it. Barely squeezing through the doors before they shut.

I find a seat and collapse into it.
My legs are so weary, like I had been walking for hours, or perhaps years.

Slowly the tears roll down my cheek.

I knew they would.

“I did do it,” I whisper to myself. Feeling prideful and blessed.

I reach into my coat pocket for the tissue I had put there for this particular moment.

Like a magician's trick handkerchief, I pull on my tissue and find a set of little pink barretts, a ½ eaten lollipop, and a miniature t-rex, clinging on for dear life.




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