Thriving or Just Surviving?

Mar 25, 2019

There are two different mindsets we tend to go throughout our lives at several different times. Thriving is really where you flourish, you grow, you blossom, you feel good about things, you're challenging yourself. Surviving is pretty much just muddling through day after day, existing and enduring what's going on.

I can definitely say I've been in both, and most people have, and not only once or twice, I mean, it's just a cycle that I believe we go through in our life. Day to day it's just so important to start having a strong mindset, because things can change so drastically within a day. The first thing that we really need to do when we want to change our mindset, or work on getting to a thriving mindset from surviving, is really take responsibility where you are and where you're headed. This tells the mind that you're going to take action in some direction, so you really have to commit to it,  and it  takes practice.

I believe through my practice I have gained some tips that have helped me stay out of that surviving mindset. I've learned tools over time in order to not quite get so far down into the survivor’s mindset. Today even, I went to do an infrared sauna, which I've only done in the wintertime, because I just cannot get warm, and being inside, and with the sun not out can bring you down, and it brings me down.  Today I went for half an hour. It gets really hot in there, but it feels great, it feels like all that heat is giving me energy. And that's also how I relate to the sun, really, when it gets warm I feel like the sun is just something that absorbs into me, and I look forward to that so much. So, kind of a self-care, I've started to do that, this is my third year that I have been doing that. I have one more visit left, I just did a Groupon or LivingSocial for five times.  I feel like that beam is just bringing a lot of goodness into me. It's a mindset, and it helps me feel better, just to get through the wintertime too, until the real sun comes out. So, I think that's important, maybe find some thing similar in order to do for yourself.

There are really five things, there's more than five, but I'm going to talk about five things today that will help you to move from a surviving mindset into a thriving mindset. The first one is gratitude. We hear a lot about gratitude, and the reason is, is because it really changes our focus from a negative mindset into looking at all the blessings that we have. So, again, you're feeding your mind the positives and not the negatives.

I really like a gratitude journal, even in the morning, to jot three things down, what your intention is for the day, what you're thankful for, usually you're starting out with that mindset. At night, before you go to bed, three things that you were grateful for during the day. A nice way to end the day.

Number two is to choose your thoughts very carefully. Again, our mind and our subconscious only accept what we tell it. It doesn't reject anything, so when you're telling it all negative things, your mind believes that. That's why it's also important to tell yourself all the positive things, the affirmations, "I am enough," "I am smart enough," "I can do it,". Your thoughts affect your emotions, and in turn you start behaving and believing those things are true.

Now, maybe you don't know everything. Maybe you are learning through the process of doing different things. You  tell your mind that you know how to do things, that you're strong, that you can do it. Those things are super important.

So, the third thing is to be your authentic self. To live a life of authenticity is to be yourself. Be happy in who you are. Not living by the should's of life. Not living by the rules that were set forth by our parents, or something that we believed in our formative years. It's so important to really learn who you are, what you want, and follow that, because you truly cannot be happy if you're following rules or should's of what others think you should be doing.

That does take strength to do that, because you may get some feedback, or people might say, "Oh my gosh, you've changed!". You might hear some negative comments about that. But it's so important, this is your one life, so live the life that makes you happy, and not anybody else.

The fourth one. This is another one that's really important to me, is go out into nature. When you go out into nature, it centers us and grounds us. You  realize how small we are, how small our problems are. Now, I know our problems are important to us, and each and every one of us, but just to get out in the fresh air, it can clear our mind, fill our soul, and it really just can ground us back to a better mindset during that time in nature.

You can rehearse your affirmations, listen to podcasts that are positive podcasts, think about things. You mat want to be setting new goals for yourself. That's a great time to start planning, and doing, and changing, and really reaffirming all those things in your mind, that you want to do.

The fifth thing is, to go out and have some fun. We take life so seriously most of the time. We are  busy with our families, work, spouses, and friends. Sometimes there's drama in our life, and there are situations in our life that make us really feel bogged down. Make time for yourself to have fun, challenge yourself. Also, when you challenge yourself that is a growth mindset, your mind is growing, you're learning new things.

I took a stained glass class years ago, because I'd always found it interesting.  I learned a lot from it, and it was hard, but I really enjoyed it. I think my dad kind of gave me that little gift, because he always liked trying new things. He would make model airplanes, he'd cane a chair, he made clocks for us one Christmas. I realize now, as an adult, that that's the way he was growing. I mean, he retired, and he would dabble in different things. You may also find your passion that way too. You never know.

It's all about your mind, growing your mind, and being really aware of what you're feeding your mind. It's all about just trying to get out of that surviving mindset, moving to the thriving mindset.  I really believe that you will feel differently. I heard the someone say, even starting to stand upright, having better posture throughout the day, makes you feel like you have more confidence.

Keep taking steps to train your brain. You will definitely reap wonderful benefits from it. 

Love and Support.....Amy

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