REconnecting to your Joy as a child

Apr 15, 2019


Thanks you for joining me at, I'm Amy Davidson. I'm a Women's Empowerment Coach and a Life Purpose coach, and I've done some NLP training as well. So, I have been talking to moms recently who have expressed something they feel a little guilty about.  They mentioned to me that they feel as if they've lost a piece of themselves after becoming mothers.  That's a very natural feeling. A lot of women don't feel comfortable talking about it, because they feel guilt behind it, and shame that they shouldn't feel that they miss part of themselves. It really is natural, and I believe if you openly talk to some of your other mom friends about it, you will see that the majority of you do feel that you're missing a piece of yourself.        

So, I developed a guide of eight ways to reconnect, reclaim, and reinvest in you, as a woman, not as a mother.  Life is so busy that we don't really take time for ourselves. Its so important we find the time to reconnect to ourselves as women. It helps to fill our souls, and in turn, be better mothers, partners and friends.  

Each week I'm going to talk about the eight ways in which you can reconnect to yourself. Number 1 today is JOY. I look back to when I was a child, what brought me joy at that time? I loved during the summertime, riding bikes with my friends. We would ride down to 7/11 and get our Slurpee's and then go to Friendly's, which was right next door and get ice cream. The freedom I felt riding my bike, and the smell of summertime, brings back a feeling of joy to me now.

That's why I used  the picture of the woman on the bike. She definitely exudes joy. The wind is blowing in her hair. Her smile so big and bright. I feel her joy. I know that it's fun to do bike rides with your family and your friends, but this is time for you. So, I don't want you to do it with your children. Save that for the evening, or something like that. If it is bike riding. I'm just throwing it out there because that was something that rings true to me. It could be baking. You used to do something with your mother, or your grandmother when you were younger, that brought you a lot of joy. It could be hopscotch, playing in the woods. Just whatever it is that you remember as a younger child  that brought a smile to your face. Happy memories.

So, your job now is to write down, just brainstorm some of those things that you remember as bringing you joy.  I want you to make a commitment to do something on that list. Many months ago, I mean I can't say I love bowling, but it's something I do enjoy. I went by myself one day. It was during the day, so it wasn't like I was just bowling at night, but I did it because I wanted to go bowling, and no one was available to go, so I did it by myself anyways. It was fun and felt great!

 I want you to take time for yourself. If you do decide you'd prefer to do your activity with a friend,  I'm going to highly suggest  that you don't talk about your children, your marriage, or anything else that is too heavy. Remember you are working on reconnecting to joy. Try, try and try some more to not think about your children, and worrying about them. This is for you. Any time you start to snap out of the joy get yourself there. It's probably going to take a little work. Like most mother's you always thinking and doing for others. How does maybe half an hour just time for YOU.  Your workload,  your laundry, how dirty the house is and so on and so on will not work to find the missing piece of yourself.  This is just for you to reconnect to the woman that you were prior to having children. And that you still are! It's just you don't get to experience it quite as much, because everybody else is being taken care of by you. Even if you have a helpful husband or other help.  You're first and foremost a woman, so I want you to remember that.

You as a mother, will never go away. Children are a blessing and you are still a good mother when you're not with your children. It's OK to feel the need to reconnect to yourself.  So, I want you to really think about what brings you joy. Make it a practice.  You will be a more joyful mother when you reinvest in yourself.

I have a Free  guide that you can signup for. I'm going to be talking about each of the 8 inn the upcoming weeks. Each Friday I will be doing a Facebook Live on this subject and addressing each of the eight.  I hope that we can connect next week, and we'll talk about #2 on the list. If you have any questions before then, please feel free to go to my website at You can also email me at [email protected] I'd be happy to answer any questions, or give you some encouragement.  

Love & Support~


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When you live life true to who you are, it is truly freeing and empowering.