Mar 11, 2019

Thanks for visiting my blog. I wanted to write a little bit about a book that I just finished reading called, Grit the Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth. What's so interesting about this is she as a child was always told that she's not a genius and her father was actually a genius. Her father put her down quite a bit. However, she proved differently In her academic life and you'll see that she really is quite a genius.

                                She completed her BA in Neurobiology at Harvard. Her Masters of Science and Neuroscience at Oxford and her PhD in Psychology at University of Penn.

                                Angela decided to find out what determines true success. One of her ways of doing that was to study West Point candidates. 14,000 high school juniors start the admissions process into West Point. Slowly they get whittled down, whittled down, whittled down. Eventually only 1200 are actually admitted into West Point. She wanted to find what made the determination of who stays and who drops out. Because basically they're all starting on an even playing field, great academics, usually leaders in high school, amongst other qualifications. So what she really found is, it's not talent and luck, but pure grit that determines whether they make it through West Point or don't . It's what goes through your head when you fall down and what you tell yourself getting back up and still going after it.

                                So, I found that to be very interesting because I think we can all understand at times that we push through things and other times we don't. We believe that sometimes people are just smarter than us and that we don't have what it takes to succeed in certain areas but I thought this book was interesting because it just shows that if you really power through and stick with something to ... you're seeing your end goal and you really stick with it that there's actually research showing that you can succeed at it. So we tell ourselves all the reasons why we can't do something but really it is up to us just having that passion and the perseverance to go through with it.

                                So it was quite interesting and I would recommend it again. It is Grit the Power of Passion and Perseverance. She developed a grit scale that companies, and West Point use to determine how much grit a person has. So next time you think about stopping a goal or it's too hard for you to succeed in it, think about whether you have grit or not and you really want to push through and it's important enough for you to complete that. I hope you all find your grit and go for your goals.

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