Have you been living your life by the rules? You knowthose rules. Societal rules. Or maybe you've been living life by the shoulds?


What did you give up in the process?

What dreams did you put on hold and would eventually get to one day when...

- When you had more time.

- When you're done raising your kids.

- When you lose weight.

- When you move to the other city.- 

- When you save enough money.

- When you get that better job.

- When you__?


 So now what?

Those whens never happened. What did happen is you ended up with a life different than what you ever imagined years ago.

 But NOW..YOU get to REimagine your life and live by YOUR rules!

Buckle UP! No more when, ifs or buts allowed. You are in the drivers seat and on your way to living a more authentic life. A LIFE with more intention, passion and purpose! It's time to fuel your soul to create the life you want.

 It's time to say YES to REconnecting, REclaiming & Reinvesting in yourself. 
I'm Amy, a Life Coach

   I'm so glad you here.

I want to help you learn how to live your fullest life while being your most authentic self.

 I've been where you are. I also know how different things can be for you. After years of struggling with emptiness and living by the shoulds, I discovered different techniques that moved me forward to where I am today.  Along my journey, I found my purpose in coaching. 

Let me help you on your journey so you can live your most authentic life without guilt, shame or anger.

Let's Talk
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When you live life true to who you are, it is truly freeing and empowering.