Have you lived your life by the rules? You knowthose rules. Societal rules. Or maybe you've been living life by the shoulds?


What did you give up in the process?

What dreams did you put on hold and would eventually get to one day when...

- When you have more time.

- When you're done raising your kids.

- When you lose weight.

- When you move to the other city.- 

- When you save enough money.

- When you get that better job.

- When you__?



So now what?


Those whens never happened. What did happen is you ended up with a life different than what you ever imagined years ago.


Now YOU get to REimagine your life and live by YOUR rules!

Buckle UP! No more when, ifs or buts allowed. You are in the drivers seat and on your way to living a more authentic life. A LIFE with more intention, passion and purpose!

It's time to say YES to REconnecting, REclaiming & Reinvesting in yourself. Let's light the fire within and fuel the soul to create the life you want.

My goal is to create a community where you reconnect to yourself surrounded with support and encouragement. Where you gain confidence in speaking your truth, learn to set healthy boundaries and ultimately reclaim the woman that is innately you. 

Please join my community, Fuel for the Soul Connection. I truly want this community to be beneficial to you.  I will not be sending you countless emails that will make you roll your eyes, lol.  Your time is too valuable. What I hope is to share ideas, get opinions and discover how to serve you. My hope is that this community becomes a place where you reconnect, reclaim and reinvest in your most authentic self.

It's time ladies and way overdue.  You deserve it and are worthy of it.        

I believe in you.

YOU have an incredible message inside of you. Speak your truth. Tell your story. Change the world! Or maybe, your message will resonate with the one person who needs to hear it. That, is the most beautiful thing.

The power of women gathering together is immeasurable. So, why do it alone when we can do it together? xo




The Guide is best viewed on a desktop or laptop. To make it super easy for you to use, you can type your thoughts/answers  from your computer.  
When you live life true to who you are, it is truly freeing and empowering.